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Built on two levels, the Dream Cruiser features a full bathroom downstairs complete with shower, flush toilet and basin whilst the upper deck features a bedroom with lounge area.

A night on the Dream Cruiser calls for al fresco dining as the sun sets over Onguma and the evening sounds start to come alive. Guests will find a picnic-style selection of food and pre-selected chilled drinks on offer.


Jangwa Tours and Safaris.jpg
Image by Harshil Gudka
Desert View


The guided route through harsh terrain descends steeply into the canyon via ‘jelly legs gorge’ and up again to the rim.


There are no demarcated tracks adding a sense of true adventure to the experience. Whilst this hike requires significant levels of fitness – there is no need to carry heavy backpacks


Zambezi Queen offers luxury accommodation in the form of 14 tasteful and luxurious suites – ten standard suites and four spacious master suites, all with outer decks so you can soak up the revitalising Chobe River breeze and appreciate uninterrupted views of the unique African landscape beyond.

Jangwa Tours and Safaris.jpg
Jangwa Tours and Safaris
Image by Alan J. Hendry


Tok Tokkie Trails takes you close to the desert’s stunning beauty. Is there a better way to immerse in nature than on foot?


Whilst walking, you will discover many secrets of the Namib that cannot be experienced when driving and you will get to feel different aspects of the desert

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